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Save time and reduce your risks

Intelligent Contract Assistant
Construction Projects

We help construction businesses to identify and manage their contractual risks.

Risk identification in contract

Why Contracto

Save time and reduce your contractual risks

Risk identification in contract

Identify risks

Risk analysis can be time consuming, yet it's vital for your business

Risk identification in contracts takes time and relies heavily on having the right experience and expertise.

Contracto identifies the risks according to your rules so your team can focus on what they do best.

Never miss a contractual deadline

Reminding to send notifications, insurance certificates, guarantees, etc... can be a full time job.

Contracto identifies all the deadlines and obligations in your contract. It does remind you of your obligations and can add them to your calendar.

Contractual obligations management
AI Contractual Assistant

Your personal AI Assistant

"Hey Contracto, what insurance certificate do I need to procure?"

With our AI assistant, you don't need to be doing the search anymore, Contracto does it for you. And refers you to the right clause, of course.

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